Martin Lafontaine

Martin Lafontaine has 18 years of experience within the pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health industry, and has been a consultant since 2016. Martin has held various leadership positions in the commercial organization in both multinational (GlaxoSmithKline) and start-up organizations, in North America and Internationally. Most recently, Martin occupied the role of Chief Commercial Officer at Locemia Solutions Inc., a small Canadian-based diabetes pharma company, where he played an instrumental role in the development and sale of the Nasal Glucagon asset to Eli Lilly and Company, in October 2015. Martin possesses strong expertise in commercial go-to-market product launch excellence, marketing, corporate development and business development, solidly anchored in the field of diabetes. Martin is active on the board or serves as an advisor to several diabetes-related organizations in both the for- and not-for-profit sectors, such as AYUDA, The Behavioral Diabetes Institute, and the Team Type One Foundation. Martin’s passion for diabetes has solid roots, beginning at age 13 when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.