Kinexum Quarterly and Conference Reports

The Kinexum Quarterly Report, produced by Kinexum business strategist Dr. Sam Collaudin, describes drug, biologics and device development programs in the field of diabetes and metabolism. Sam also produces summaries of certain conferenced during the year, such as the Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD), American Diabetes Association (ADA), European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), Metabesity and Diabetes Technology Meeting (DTM) conferences. These reports reflect our mission to catalyze progress in the study of aging and the prevention and treatment of age-related chronic diseases, which include not only diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and NASH, but neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and the aging process itself.

Kinexum EASD 2022 Report

Kinexum ADA 2022 Report

Kinexum ATTD 2022 Report

Kinexum Quarterly Report – Q4 2021

Kinexum Quarterly Report – Q3 2021

Kinexum Quarterly Report – Q2 2021

Kinexum ADA 2021 Report

Kinexum ATTD 2021 Report

Kinexum Quarterly Report – Q1 2021