Kinexum’s passion to life sciences product development is demonstrated via its webinars, which feature experts from various scientific fields. Previous popular webinars include Mitochondria, Aging, and Health and Why and How Can Exercise Slow the Aging Process?

Webinar Transcripts and Chats:

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Webinar: A Powerful New Era in Healthcare  –  Transcript

Wow or Yeow?! FDA Outlook for 2022 and Beyond – Transcript and Chat

Interview with Dr. Jay Skyler

Dog Aging Project: extending the lives of dogs and supporting the quest to increase human healthspan – Slides, Transcript, Chat, and Article

Why and How Can Exercise Slow the Aging Process? – Slides and Chat

Wow or Yeow?! FDA Outlook for 2021 and Beyond – Transcript and Chat

Mitochondria, Aging, and Health – Slides, Transcript, and Chat

The Role of Biological Clocks and Other Biomarkers of Aging in Regulatory Development – Transcript and Q&A

Kinexum Webinar on Type 1 Diabetes – Slides

COVID-19 Meets Metabesity: Nexus Between Pandemics and Age-Related Diseases – Slides and Q&A

Resources for Public Health Defense: BARDA, Medical Countermeasures, and COVID-19 – Slides

Changes and news at FDA: Wow or Yeow!? – Slides and Transcript

Tea, Dragon’s Blood Cannabis and Ginseng: Herbal Medicine Dietary Supplements or Botanical Drugs? – Slides

Why Photobiomodulation Might be the Answer to the Opioid Crisis – Slides

Catalyzing the Transition from Bench to Bedside: Early Partnering with Patient Organizations – Slides

China: Reshaping the Global Clinical Development Landscape – Slides

Precision Medicine Approach to Cancer Care and Prevention – Slides

Targeting Metabesity: Prospects and Pathways for Extending Healthy Lifespan and Saving Trillions – Slides