About Kinexum

Kinexum / n. [Kine, Gr, motion, energy; Nexum var. nexus, L, tying together, connecting]

1.The connecting of important components in health product discovery, development, and market integration.

2. The energy and effective motion resulting from a culture of trust, openness, collaboration, and innovation.

Since 2003, Kinexum has been a leader in helping clients through the pre-clinical, clinical, CMC development and regulatory process for product candidates targeting a broad range of therapeutic areas through a broad set of modalities.  Kinexum globally supports efficient translational research to accelerate and advance healthcare product innovation. Providing multidisciplinary assistance in management and execution of early stage development programs, Kinexum is a proven leader in virtual translational development strategy and program management to advance innovative healthcare products toward commercialization.

Kinexum strives to assess our performance objectively and intersubjectively, so we can optimize problem solving for current and future projects.  Clients retain Kinexum because we take the broad view that a regulatory result that is not an end, but a means, to help patients and create value for the sponsor.  We are an extension of the sponsor’s management team, with expert knowledge of our subject matter, assisting the sponsor examine, improve, and realize its strategy.  Kinexum will efficiently take the time and effort necessary to deliver crisp, clear, accurate, practical/actionable, and value-contributing deliverables through applying lean, experienced, and efficient hands to achieve these desired results.

Harpers Ferry, WV, where Kinexum is headquartered, about 75 minutes drive from the FDA.