Asoke Mukherjee, PhD

Asoke has had a uniquely broad 3 decade career at the FDA, serving in 5 divisions, including oncology, analgesic and anesthesia, rheumatology, respiratory and ophthalmology. His contributions at FDA resulted in approval of several break through products, including Relafen, Fluticasone, Tramadol, Latanoprost, Restasis, Uloric and Actemra. Prior to the FDA, he was engaged in cutting edge research in academia and industry on diseases resulting from disturbed immune modulation, and has edited a textbook on the development of immunosuppressant products.

He is a strong proponent of early involvement in the drug development process of an experienced regulatory scientist. In the early 1990’s when Asoke joined the FDA, he interacted early with a sponsor who proposed a nearly 20-fold higher dose of an agent for Phase I/II trials. His interactions with the sponsor resulted in the development of a drug with a materially higher therapeutic index.

Because of the breadth of his background, Asoke is able to help a broad range of clients, including those engaged in product development of small or large molecules, drug-device combination products, in a range of therapeutic areas, including arthritis, asthma, pain, cancer, glaucoma, and treatment of substance abuse, at all stages of development, from preclinical development to IND to Phase I-IV clinical testing, including submissions of NDA/BLA/505(b)(2), and venture capitalists and other financiers in due diligence and product development assessment.