From Our Desks

From Our Desks

Newsletter Fall 2020 - From Kinexum Founder, Zan Fleming

Newsletter Fall 2020 - A Note from the CEO, Thomas Seoh

Newsletter Fall 2020 - Brian Harvey, NASH Development Update—Fall 2020

A New Look for Multiple Therapeutic Shots on Goal for Treating Patients with Metabolic Diseases

Preserving Clinical Trial Integrity in the Midst of a Pandemic — Hint: Don't Shoot the Albatross. by Brian Oscherwitz

Lucky Larry, Immunologist in a Pandemic by Larry Steinman, MD, Zimmerman Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford University

Webinar Recap: The Future of Type 1 Diabetes by Brontë Jenkins, Associate, Kinexum

Webinar Recap: Biomarkers of Aging in Regulatory Development by EJ Abass, Associate, Kinexum

Newsletter Summer 2020 - A Note from the CEO, Thomas SeohNewsletter Summer 2020 - From Kinexum Founder, Zan Fleming

Newsletter Summer 2020 - Brian Harvey, NASH Development Update—Summer 2020

Newsletter Summer 2020 - Dimitri Stephanou, Balancing Strategy, Agility, and Innovative Transformation in Achieving Operational Excellence

Newsletter Summer 2020 - Adriane Berg, Aging at the Tipping Point:

Newsletter Summer 2020 - Shana Azri-Meehan, Preclinical Considerations for the Development of New Antibiotics

Newsletter Summer 2020 - Jennifer Zhao, The Next Generation

Newsletter Spring 2020 From Kinexum Founder, Zan Fleming

Newsletter Spring 2020 Note from CEO, Thomas Seoh

Newsletter Spring 2020 NASH Update—March 2020 by Brian Harvey

Newsletter Spring 2020 Potomac Fever and a Life of Stories by Steven Grossman

Newsletter Spring 2020 THE TARGET PRODUCT PROFILE by Albert Yehaskel

Newsletter Spring 2020 Wow or Yeow!? FDA's 2019 Review and 2020 Outlook Webinar Highlights by Jennifer Zhao

Newsletter Winter 2020 - James Carroll_Why Photobiomodulation Might be the Answer to the Opioid Crisis

Newsletter Winter 2020 note from the CEO

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Thomas Seoh Another Immigrant’s Tale

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Michael Zemel_Reflections on Targeting Metabesity 2019

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Founder, Dr. Zan Fleming

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Faiez Zannad_Interview with Professor Faiez Zannad on the Cardiovascular Clinical Trialists Forum (CVCT)

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