From Our Desks

From Our Desks

Newsletter Winter 2020 - James Carroll_Why Photobiomodulation Might be the Answer to the Opioid Crisis

Newsletter Winter 2020 note from the CEO

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Thomas Seoh Another Immigrant’s Tale

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Michael Zemel_Reflections on Targeting Metabesity 2019

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Founder, Dr. Zan Fleming

Newsletter Winter 2020 - Faiez Zannad_Interview with Professor Faiez Zannad on the Cardiovascular Clinical Trialists Forum (CVCT)

Newsletter Fall 2019 - Founder, Dr. Zan Fleming

Newsletter Fall 2019 note from the CEO

Newsletter Fall 2019 - M Prasad Palthur, Ph.D. - Artificial Pancreas Device Systems (ADPS) – Directions for Future Developmentt

Newsletter Fall 2019 - Mustafa Noor, MD - My Journey as a Recently Arrived Refugee to America

Newsletter Summer 2019 - Webcast Recap: Dr. Ralph DeFronzo on Type 2 Diabetes

Newsletter Summer 2019 - Alan Fisher, Experiences as a Data Monitoring Committee Biostatistician

Newsletter Summer 2019 - M Prasad Palthur, Artificial Pancreas Device Systems (ADPS) – General Product Development and Regulatory Pathways

Newsletter Summer 2019 - Bill Hoover, Issues with Product Development Traceability

Newsletter Summer 2019 - CEO, Thomas Seoh

Newsletter Summer 2019 - Founder, Dr. Zan Fleming

Newsletter Summer 2019 - George Baeder - How China is Changing the Clinical Development Landscape 

Newsletter Spring 2019 - Founder, Dr. Zan Fleming

Newsletter Spring 2019 - note from the CEO Thomas Seoh

Newsletter Spring 2019 - John Kucharczyk, Can Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Transform the Management of Healthcare?

Newsletter Spring 2019 - Brian Oscherwitz, Perspective on How the Kinexum Advantage Benefits Its Consultants and Clients

Newsletter Spring 2019 - Jennifer Zhao, Perspectives as a Kinexum Associate  

Newsletter Spring 2019 - Prasad Palthur, Artificial Pancreas Device Systems – An Evolving Approach and Research Pathway

Newsletter Winter 2019 - Tom Hedberg The Silent Epidemic of Diabetes in china

Newsletter Winter 2019 - David Bergstrom - Strategies to Approaching CMC New Product Development and Manufacturing Outsourcing Resources

Newsletter Winter 2019 - Michael Cobb - Applications of Machine LEarning in Healthcare: Scalable Treatment Solutions for Cancer Patients

Newsletter Winter 2019 - Susan Manley - Early NDA Planning for Small to Mid-sized Companies

Newsletter Winter 2019 From Kinexum Founder: Staying on the NDA Learning Curve

Newsletter Winter 2019 - Note from the CEO

Newsletter Winter 2019 - Jennifer Zhao, Kinexum Webcast Recap: Using Metformin to Target Aging

Newsletter Fall 2018 - Dean E. Calcagni, M.D. on Beyond the NIH - Other Federal Medical R&D

Newsletter Fall 2018 - Brian E. Harvey, MD, Ph.D, A Perspective on the Development of the Treatment of Our Next Epidemic

Newsletter Fall 2018 - Grant Williams, MD on Evidentiary Standards in the Accelerated Approval of Cancer Drugs

Newsletter Fall 2018 - Michael Sharp, Ph.D on A Crash Course on 510(k) Clearances

Newsletter Fall 2018 - Note from the CEO

Newsletter Summer 2018 - Lana Pauls, MPH, My Career Trajectory – Themes & Contrasts

Newsletter Summer 2018 - Rob Claar on Fast-Track Opportunities in Japan for Regenerative Medical Products

Newsletter Summer 2018 - Bart Van der Schueren on The European Regulatory Framework: Personal Perspective 

Newsletter Summer 2018 - Lutz on Biosimilar Insulin - Current Status

Newsletter Summer 2018 - note from the CEO

Newsletter Spring 2018 - Brandon Jones on Electronic Submissions to Regulatory Authorities

Newsletter Summer 2018 - from Kinexum Founder - A tale of Two Different Scientific worlds

Newsletter Winter 2018 - note from the CEO Thomas Seoh

Marketing Added Value Arthur Santora MD, Ph.D

Beyond Hemoglobin A1C Consensus Conference - July 21, 2017 Charles M. Alexander, MD, FACP, FACE

Early on Commercial Planning Investments within the R&D Process: The Business Case Martin Lafontaine

Newsletter Fall 2017 - note from the CEO Thomas Seoh

From Kinexum Founder - Ties that Bind - People and Nations Zan Fleming, MD

Read More about Asoke Mukherjee Asoke Mukherjee, Ph.D

Thomas Seoh Interview in July 2017 Issue of World Korean Medical Journal

The Opioid Epidemic: A Perfect Storm Elizabeth Whalley Buono, BSN, RN, MBA, JD     

Two Minus One: 2017 ADA Annual Meeting Lawrence Steinman, MD

Challenges of Early Clinical Development Simon Bruce, MD

Metabesity 2017

A Milestone for Kinexum Zan Fleming, MD

Targeting Metabesity - 4/28/2017 Webinar

Could Time to Approval be Secondary? Giora Davidai, MD

Quality with Good Intent Julie Waltz Gerlach, B.S.N., M.P.H., R.C.A.

Innovation Steve Casey &  Elizabeth Whalley Buono, BSN, RN, MBA, JD     

Presentation - Ed Allera, Esq. and Barbara Binzak Blumenfeld, Ph.D., M.A., Esq.

Hypoglycemia Evaluation and Reporting in Diabetes: Importance for the Development of New Therapies

Round Table Discussion - Friday 1/20/17

Keys to Regulatory Operations Success

FDA E-Submission

Regulatory Perspectives From FDA Staff

The need for Faster Insulin: Dr. Muchmore

Metformin - Associated Lactic Acidosis

Risk and Effectiveness Information in Promotional Labeling and Marketing Claims Julie Waltz Gerlach, B.S.N., M.P.H., R.C.A.

More About Asoke Mukherjee

Consensus Conference