Newsletter Winter 2018 - note from the CEO

Dear Friends of Kinexum,


Welcome to our Winter 2018 Kinexum Newsletter.


Gordon Cutler, M.D., an expert endocrinologist on the Kinexum Clinical Development team who has had a distinguished career at NIH and Eli Lilly, writes incisively on a hierarchy of drug development principles. 


Gaby Wiederkehr, MSc, a Lausanne-based member of the Kinexum Regulatory team, who has led global regulatory groups at Novartis, Ciba-Vision, Acino Pharma and Bayer Consumer Care, reports on the FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) meeting earlier this fall in Seoul and shares an ironic story about a Big Pharma’s attempt to increase drug access.


Two articles relate to the World Congress on Targeting Metabesity that Kinexum helped organize in London at the end of October.  Guest author Payal Marathe, a senior associate at Close Concerns, summarizes her address at the conference, entitled “The Most Important Stakeholder:  People,” which highlights five societal things that need to happen if we are to effectively prevent diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases.  Monalisa Chatterji, a Bangalore-based expert on the Kinexum Non-Clinical team, previously with organizations such as AstraZeneca, Biocon and Reametrix, summarizes her take-homes from the congress.


Zan too reflects on the Metabesity congress in his Epiphany note.  Filmmaker Steven Spielberg reputedly said he wanted to make films he wanted to watch, and the Metabesity co-chairs assembled a program we all wanted to attend.  The top flight presenters included leading researchers who sit on the boards of Roche and the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the chair of the assembly that selects the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology, a regulatory panel that included former FDA, MHRA EMA and TGA officials and advisers, a conversation between the Deputy Chief Executive of UK NICE and a former CMO of the CMS, a former top executive at Big Pharma and emerging companies who has made billions for investors speaking on new business models, and leaders of fields from human longevity research to digital health, artificial intelligence and precision medicine.  It was one of the most interesting conferences I have ever attended, on ‘Big Picture’ themes in human health such as chronic non-communicable diseases, disease prevention instead of therapy and extension of healthy aging.  Next year’s edition will be held in Washington, DC, and I hope many readers of this newsletter will join us.


We also welcome expert new additions to the Kinexum team:  Dahlia Sperling (medical writing),  Dia Hill (regulatory operations) and David Bergstrom (product development, including manufacturing, formulations and CMC).



From all of us at Kinexum, best wishes for a joyful year-end holidays and a fulfilling 2018!