Newsletter Summer 2019 - Founder, Dr. Zan Fleming

From Kinexum Founder 


Dear Kinexum friends and family, 


Summer is in full swing, with longer days, summer vacations, and quality time with friends and family abound. Kinexum continues to engage in a flurry of activities, including exciting projects with old and new clients, as well aspro bono activity in organizing the Targeting Metabesity 2019 conference to be held in Washington, DC, in October. 


On a sad note, Irecall the very untimely death of Lana Pauls this past April, which resulted from an accident in her home in Kensington, Maryland. Lana was one of our stellar Kinexum consultants, who brought great experience, energy, and encouragement to the projects that she led. Lana and I went back many years to the time that we worked together in FDA’s Division of Metabolism and Endocrine Drug Products. Lana went on to senior roles in the Agency and joined IQVIA (previously Quintiles) after retiring from FDA. 


Lana was not only a highly respected regulatory affairs advisor and project manager, but also a loving mother, daughter, and sister; a dedicated community volunteer; and a loyal friend. We learned much more about the full measure of Lana from the gathering to celebrate her life.  Unbeknownst to us, Lana spent much of her time serving others, working against hunger, and supporting animal welfare and environmental causes. We who knew Lana still can’t get over this loss.   


Discovering that there was much more to Lana than just her professional side is a reminder that we often don’t fully appreciate even the people that we work with on an everyday basis. Lana’s untimely death also reminds us of the tenuousness of life and the imperative to relish every moment and relationship that we have. In working professionally forbetter health in our world, we may tend to neglect the health of ourselves and those immediately around us.   


As a way of knowing better the full measure of each other in our professional lives, we at Kinexum will start a regular feature article in the next edition of Kinexionsto highlight the lives of individual colleagues and friends of Kinexum. I know that you will find these stories fascinating. In approachingthis season of rest and re-creation, may we savor the time we have with friends, family, and colleagues.   


To your health and wellbeing!