Targeting Metabesity - 4/28/2017 Webinar

Dear Colleagues,

To Listen to the webinar please follow the link. The Presentation starts at minute 10.

We cordially invite you to join the Kinexum web conference on Friday, April 28, 2017, from 11 a.m. to noon EDT.  


Dr. G. Alexander ("Zan") Fleming, CEO of Kinexum, will speak on "Targeting Metabesity - Let's Prevent and Reverse Metabolic Drivers of Chronic Diseases and Aging".  


Zan will make the case that neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, diabetes and other diseases of the aged have common metabolic roots, and thus may have common solutions.  Targeting "metabesity" is not a distant or theoretical possibility; rather, it is being done, now, in some cases with substantial funding, in the lab and in the clinic with new and repurposed drugs.  Developing robust interventions to head off chronic diseases is the next frontier of pharmaceutical development.


Join the webinar at:, or by calling the dial in number:  888-601-3595 (no pass code required).

This discussion will be a precursor of the first World Congress on Targeting Metabesity in London, October 30-31, 2017, co-organized by Kinexum,


Looking forward to your participation in next Friday's webinar, and hope to see you in London in October!