A Milestone for Kinexum


Alexander Fleming, M.D., Founder and Executive Chairman

We have just marked a major milestone for Kinexum by bringing on Thomas Seoh to lead the company as its CEO.  We are very fortunate to have someone at the helm as talented and distinguished as Thomas. He will ensure that Kinexum serves its clients and its missions increasing well for years to come.  Thomas brings a 25+ years career as a highly successful life science executive and entrepreneur in senior leadership positions of public and private pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.  His multifaceted experience and his undergraduate degree in philosophy and history and law degree from Harvard University reflect a voracious appetite for understanding the world of healthcare and developing products to support it.  Thomas is among the most incisive thinkers and strategists whom I have ever known.  He will contribute enormous value both to our clients as an advisor and to Kinexum in leading its daily quest to be a high performing, learning and teaching organization.


It is so gratifying to have seen Kinexum become an acclaimed resource for supporting the strategic, technical, and operational needs of small and large life science companies.  From its original expertise in the development of small molecules for metabolic diseases, the firm has expanded its capabilities across multiple therapeutic areas to deliver high-value solutions for over 300 companies across the globe.  Kinexum has expertise in the domains of small molecules, biologics, diagnostics and medical devices, nutritional products, and data systems across the fields of diabetes, metabolic disorders, healthy lifespan agents, cardiovascular diseases, oncology, gastroenterology and others. 

However, all the above services are available from individuals and companies across the world, and we often collaborate with many of them.  We increasingly recommend other companies to prospective clients because we want to focus on what we do best—provide high value strategic guidance integrated with core communication services (regulatory submissions and technical, business, and financing documentation).  Yes, we will continue to provide technical writing and submission services, and clinical and manufacturing site inspections but only as part of a more comprehensive program.  

From a personal standpoint, I am overjoyed by Kinexum reaching this milestone and taking on an outstanding leader. Thomas at the helm will allow me to spend more time with our project teams.  I will have more time to advocate process innovation in the translation of life science products from research through development to regulatory evaluation to commercialization.  Kinexum will increase even further its pro bono support of consensus statements and publications, which started in 2001 with its major role in the ADA publication* on endpoints for type 1 diabetes trials. Very simply this paper enabled the development of treatments for T1D.  Kinexers have since made many important contributions to the fields of health product development—and much more is to come.

Thomas and I first met at the Leigh Thompson Renaissance Conferences in Charleston, which Kinexum organized in 2004 and 2005.  This highly successful conference brought together a wide variety of stakeholders to support innovation in addressing major healthcare challenges.  Kinexum is taking on an even more ambitious task in co-organizing the inaugural World Congress on Targeting Metabesity in London, October 30-31, 2017,   Connecting people and ideas is the essence of what Kinexum does—and will do even more.

To your health and that of people across the globe,


* C-Peptide Is the Appropriate Outcome Measure for Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Trials to Preserve β-Cell Function. Report of an ADA Workshop, 21–22 October 2001


Jerry P Palmer, G. Alexander Fleming, Carla J. Greenbaum, Kevan C. Herold, Lisa D. Jansa, et al.