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Newsletter Fall 2019 - Founder, Dr. Zan Fleming

From Kinexum Founder 


Dear Kinexum friends and family,


Leaves are starting to turn color up the Potomac and should be peaking during the Targeting Metabesity 2019 conference in Washington, DC, October 15-16. This gathering will feature a powerhouse of speakers from FDA, NIH, top researchers in geroscience, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases, industry, funders, foundations, and other stakeholders in the health care community. Do join us for this unique and very important effort aimed at preventing multiple chronic diseases and slowing the aging process. The intent is to extend years free of chronic disease—healthspan. 


We are proud of our friends at Locemia led by Claude Piché and Robert Oringer, for the FDA approval this past July of BAQSIMITM nasal glucagon, which Eli Lilly acquired from Locemia. This is a big advance for reversing serious hypoglycemia, a threat faced by all people with type 1 diabetes. The back story of Claude’s and Robert’s quest is truly remarkable.


And, many thanks to my friend Prasad Palthur for his final installment on artificial pancreas device systems. This is a major resource and very impressive, scholarly work. 


In memory of one of our stellar Kinexers, Lana Pauls, who passed away last spring, we begin our series that features the personal sides of colleagues and friends of Kinexum. We start with one of Kinexum’s most accomplished clinical experts, Mustafa Noor, MD, and the profoundly moving story of his long journey to America as a refugee. Mustafa’s story is riveting, agonizing, epic, and soaring in its conclusion. It will be a gift to all those who read it.


We take some gratification in the informing value of our newsletter, but an even greater value than informing is inspiring. In our world of information overload, inspiration is scarce but desperately needed. We thank our friends and colleagues for inspiring us each and every day.  


To your health!